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Services and solutions GFisco

Technical resposibility:
Under the care of GFisco the obligations of your business under the laws, federal tax authorities and the Ministry of labor and Social Security, are in good hands. The GFisco performs the necessary screening for production of documents and compliance, in addition to organizing your business for eventual inspections.

Working together:
The GFisco advising is constant in order to not leave your company unsuppported either in fiscal obligations moments or financial and labor planning that are important to development of your business.

Accounting, tax and labor consultancy:
Through a real analysis of the characteristics and needs of your business, GFisco performs a custom consulting, ready to meet your goals with procedures to be performed inside and outside the company.

With its own headquarters, modern structure and fully computerized department, GFisco offers advisory services to all accounting issues of your business. The consultancy and supervision integrate assessment and cnotrol in the financial, budgetary and patrimonial areas with rigor, ethic and accuracy.

Fiscal and Tax:
Seriousness and commitment are key features of GFisco for this sector. Being aligned with news and fiscal trends, legislative and tax of the government, it allows your company to better strategic planning, coupled to affirmative decisions on pricing, tax incentives, tax planning and control contingencies.

Count on the support of GFisco for routine operations of the Personnel Department. The consultancy includes an organizational development up labor relations and legal obligations.

Instituições Financeiras

Listagens com os bancos em todo território nacional e créditos para empresa.

Modelos de Documentos

Modelos de Contratos, Procurações, Declarações, Recibos, Requerimentos e muito mais.

Emissão de Notas Fiscais

Tire suas dúvidas sobre emissões de notas fiscais em vários estados brasileiros.

Cartório 24 Horas

Facilite a vida da sua empresa, solicitando certidões de todos os cartórios do Brasil.

Área Restrita

Serviço exclusivo para clientes cadastrados.


Conheça nossos parceiros.

Tabelas Práticas

Tabelas trabalhistas, do Simples Nacional e outras.

Agenda de Obrigações

Confira nossas agendas de obrigações fiscais.

Facilitador Contábil

Links variados de utilidade contábil e empresarial.

Certidões Negativas

Certidões, Dívida Ativa, simples, previdência social.

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